Photo Convert into 100 KB

    How to Convert Photo into 100 KB

    1. Upload Images:
      • Click on the “Select Images” button.
      • Choose one or multiple images from your device. (Note: You can select up to 50 images at once.)
    2. Set Target Size:
      • The default target size is set to 100 KB. If you wish to adjust this value, you can enter a different size in kilobytes (KB) in the “Target Size in KB” input field.
    3. Select Output Format:
      • Choose the desired output format for the adjusted images from the dropdown menu.
    4. Start Processing:
      • Click on the “Increase Image Size” button to begin the processing.
    5. Monitor Progress:
      • A progress bar will appear, indicating the processing progress.
    6. Download Adjusted Images:
      • Once processing is done, the adjusted images will be listed below. They will have download links.
      • Click on the “Download” link to save the adjusted image to your device.


    • Can I adjust multiple images to different target sizes at once?

      No, the tool applies the same target size to all uploaded images. If you need to adjust images to different sizes, you’ll need to process them separately.

    • Can I adjust the quality of the images during processing?

      No, the tool focuses on making images smaller while keeping their quality. There are no options to adjust image quality during processing.

    • What happens if an image fails to meet the target size after processing?

      If an image cannot be increased to meet the specified target size, it will not be further modified. The tool will provide information about images that already exceed the target size.

    • Can I cancel the processing of images once it has started?

      No, there is no built-in feature to cancel the processing once it has begun. However, you can refresh the page or close the browser tab to stop the processing.

    • Are there any security risks associated with uploading images to the tool?

      The tool processes images in the user’s browser. It does not upload them to external servers. However, it’s good to ensure that you use the tool on a trusted website. Also, be cautious when uploading sensitive images.