Photo Convert into 20 KB

    How to Convert Photo into 20 KB

    1. Upload Images:
      • Click on the “Select Images” button.
      • Choose one or multiple images from your device. (Note: You can select up to 50 images at once.)
    2. Set Target Size:
      • The default target size is set to 20 KB. If you wish to adjust this value, you can enter a different size in kilobytes (KB) in the “Target Size in KB” input field.
    3. Select Output Format:
      • Choose the desired output format for the adjusted images from the dropdown menu.
    4. Start Processing:
      • Click on the “Increase Image Size” button to begin the processing.
    5. Monitor Progress:
      • A progress bar will appear, indicating the processing progress.
    6. Download Adjusted Images:
      • Once processing is complete, the adjusted images will be listed below with download links.
      • Click on the “Download” link to save the adjusted image to your device.


    • What is the maximum number of images I can upload at once?

      You can upload up to 50 images at once. If you try to upload more than 50 images, an alert will notify you of the limit.

    • Can I adjust images to a smaller size?

      No, this tool is designed to increase the size of images to meet the specified target size. If an image is already larger than the target size, it will not be further adjusted.

    • What output formats are supported?

      Currently, we supports three output formats: JPG, JPEG, and PNG. You can choose the desired format from the dropdown menu before processing.